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Wedding at shooting range

Are you planning a wedding and can`t think of any original place where it should take place? Try the Praha Shooting Range! It`s a bit unconventional, but what`s wrong with that? Everyone has a traditional wedding. But if you are a little original and step out of your comfort zone with your partner, it can be not only an interesting challenge for both of you, but also an adrenaline-pumping experience and a memory that you will remember forever. Planning a wedding involves a lot of things. But why stress about the location? The wedding can be at the shooting range. And just tell me, who these days can say they had their wedding at a shooting range? I dare say that probably no one.


A shooting range wedding can be fun. You invite a lot of wedding guests, and they will literally be shocked and surprised when they find out where the wedding is taking place. Who wouldn`t be surprised by that? Probably everyone. Just imagine the situation that you are having a wedding at a shooting range. And you will immediately feel the adrenaline, surprise and shock at the same time. If you want your wedding to be grand and everyone likes it, arrange the other things so that they are connected to the shooting range. For example, a wedding cake – have it made with marzipan black guns on the cake. Do you know how fun that will be? I can`t even imagine anything funnier, more bizarre and more unconventional.


I wouldn`t want a shooting range wedding myself, but someone can want to have it set up like that and it`s nothing bad. The firing range is one of those places that is interesting but mysterious, it seems so strange and mysterious. For dessert, you can bake a cake in the shape of a gun – again, you will entertain everyone and show them that your wedding will go down in history. You just need to want to organize it all and you will see how long your wedding will be talked about. Don`t forget to take photos of the wedding, so that they remind you every day of how unconventional and beautiful your wedding was and how much fun you had…